What is the meaning of l1tex__data_bank_reads.sum

Is l1tex__data_bank_reads.sum*128bytes the L1 traffic?

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and your question on L1TEX. Please have a look at the user guide here to see if this provides you more details on L1TEX Advanced Learning :: Nsight Graphics Documentation. Also, see the details about L1 Throughput in the same user guide in the section here Advanced Learning :: Nsight Graphics Documentation.

I’ll check with the engineering team to get more info on the specific metric

I got more details from our engineering manager for your question above. See below.

The standard way to measure L1TEX bandwidth for tagged memory is l1tex__t_sectors * 32. Access to this metric requires the Pro version of Nsight Graphics.
Tagged memory includes local, global, texture, surface. It does not include groupshared or 3D attributes.
The l1tex__data_bank_reads counter is not necessarily proportional to requested or achieved bandwidth. It is more of an internal activity indicator.