What is the specific purpose of the command “set cuda notify“

When reading the cuda-gdb documentation, in the section of set cuda notify, https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-gdb/index.html#set-cuda-notify

There are two commands: set cuda notify youngest and set cuda notify random. But I don’t understand the difference between them, Under what circumstances do I need to use these command?

You can think of this as a maintenance command and its safe to ignore. When the GPU encounters a trap, or an event is generated by the CUDA Debugger API, cuda-gdb will receive a callback. This will send a SIGURG to a host application thread to notify the gdb event loop that there is something to act upon.

This option was added in the event that sending the SIGURG to a host thread causes unforeseen issues. Setting the option to youngest can allow the application developer to have better control of the thread the SIGURG is sent to.

Thank you very much.

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