Why is setting break point using cuda-gdb very slow?

I write a cuda application and use cuda-gdb to debug. It seems that setting a break point in the cuda kernel is very slow. For example, I set a break point in main.cu:101 and press enter button. It takes 1min for the cuda-gdb to return.

(cuda-gdb) s main.cu:101

Specifically, I set the break point in https://github.com/facebookresearch/faiss/blob/main/faiss/gpu/utils/Reductions.cuh:42 like this:

(cuda-gdb) s Reductions.cuh:42

Hi! Thanks for reaching out.

Which version of cuda-gdb are you using? This will help us diagnose the issue.

Also, could you try the following instead to see if it performs better:

(cuda-gdb) break Reductions.cuh:42
(cuda-gdb) continue

The s or step command is typically used in the following way:

(cuda-gdb) help s 
step, s
Step program until it reaches a different source line.
Usage: step [N]
Argument N means step N times (or till program stops for another reason).

Hi, did you manage to fix the problem?

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Hi @quindell.psalm
We are still investigating the issue - it would be really helpful if you can provide additional information to us:

  • Which version of cuda-gdb you are using. Version can be obtained by running the following command:
cuda-gdb --version
  • Do you experience the same issue if you set the breakpoint as follows:
(cuda-gdb) break Reductions.cuh:42
(cuda-gdb) continue