What is the username to use when doing docker login?

I tried using Email address I registered with into NGC as username for docker login and API Key as password but it does not allow me to login

Ok! Got it! It is literally “$oauthtoken”

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Exactly right.

FWIW, this is documented inline with the page where you generate your API key, https://ngc.nvidia.com/configuration/api-key . We will take a look at whether we can add that bit of information to other places to help users in the future.

OMG! Seriously??? I’ve been batting this around for HOURS trying to find either my email or account name and on and on. LITERALLY the username is ‘$oauthtoken’ as you said.

NVIDIA, PLEASE fix the page https://ngc.nvidia.com/configuration/api-key to EXPLICITLY say that ‘$oauthtoken’ is the username for ALL users. Anyone working in Linux will think you are using that as some personal placeholder.

Agree this is not clear to the user - we are updating that page to clarify that ‘$oauthtoken’ is the username for all.

Is there an easy way to enter the API key when logging into NVIDIA Docker

(bit of a novice linux user here but copy paste does not work in the password field and type 30+ upper and lower case characters is not that easy).

You can not copy/pasted the API key, are you kidding me?