When does 10.5 come out?

We often have a delayed release cycle at our site, so I have only just been able to implement the license manage upgrade made necessary at 10.3. I am unpacking 10.4 for friendly users, but noticed that the TPR page lists quite a few problems fixed in 10.5. Is there an ETA for the download?

Usually I’ve seen the TPR page lag the release, this is the first time I’ve seen an advance notice :-)

Nothing official here, but it’s usually around the first Thursday or Friday of the month. But if there is a show-stopper bug, I’m sure PGI would delay until they were satisfied.

Hi Gap, Matt,

Short answer:
Yes, our release schedule is for the first Thursday or Friday of each the month. 10.5 should be released tomorrow, though our web master typically doesn’t post the release to the web site til late.

Long answer:
This can slip if we have a show-stopper or some other last minute problem. Though we’ve been very good so far at keeping to schedule. We also may skip a month if there isn’t enough new features or bug fixes, though given all the new F2003 features and GPU refinements I doubt will skip one this year. Note that we aren’t planning to release in October in preparation for November’s major release (11.0) and we skip December also due to the new major release.

  • Mat