Where can I download plugin "NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face LiveLink" ? could not find it in Unreal plugin

where can I download plugin plugin “NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face LiveLink” ? could not find it in Unreal plugin

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same here, 2023.1 release page shows the plugin, but nowhere can find it…

The UE LiveLink plugin is currently exclusive to ACE users.

However, due to numerous similar requests, we are actively developing a hotfix to make it available for all users.

Stay tuned and monitor the forums for updates.

We plan to hold a small visualization in the middle of August, for which this plugin would be perfect. Is it possible to know roughly how they are progressing with the development, or whether it will be public after Siggraph?

We’re planning to release a hotfix in a couple of days. Please keep an eye on the forums.

This plugin is now available on 2023.1.1.
See for instructions: Audio2Face 2023.1.1 (Open Beta) Released - Apps / Audio2Face - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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