Where Can I download the portablity package

I am trying to create excutables fortran files using the pgf90 linux on fedora 20 using the build options

-fastsse -O4 -mp -r8 -tp core2-64

The plan is to run complied code on another fedora 20 machine and while trying to run the program I get the following error

./DEM: error while loading shared libraries: libnuma.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I went on the PGI webpage for portablity

and it says theres a portablity package dowload on the current dowloads page.

The downloads page is the same place I downloaded the complier from but non of the options say portablity. Do I just install the entire complier on every computer I wish to run pgi excutables or is there an easier way or have I missed a step?

Hi Marc,

Apologies, but that page is rather old and no longer applies to our current releases. I’ll ask that it be updated.

Instead, you would copy the needed shared libraries of your PGI installation’s “REDIST” directory with the binary or to a shared location on the second system.

However, the actual error is not being caused by this since the NUMA library is a system library. We do ship a dummy libnuma for systems that don’t support NUMA which you can copy over but more likely, you simply need to create a link from “/usr/lib64/libnuma.so” to “/usr/lib64/libnuma.so.N” where “N” is the library version (most likely “1”). Some Linux installations don’t create this link by default unless development packages are installed.

Alternately, you can link your program without NUMA by adding “-mp=nonuma” on the link line.

Hope this helps,

Thanks that fixed the problem