Where can we get TLT3.0 Gaze Estimation demo source code/project for Jetson?


I can success to create “gazenet_onnx.etlt” on gazenet/gazenet.ipynb based on NGC.

Then, I’d like to run with this gazenet_onnx.etlt like below.

Could you tell us where can get the source code/project of this Gaze Estimation demo like below?
GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/gesture_recognition_tlt_deepstream: A project demonstrating how to train your own gesture recognition deep learning pipeline. We start with a pre-trained detection model, repurpose it for hand detection using Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0, and use it together with the purpose-built gesture recognition model. Once trained, we deploy this model on NVIDIA® Jetson™ using Deepstream SDK.

We would appreciate if you tell us the recommended way to realize this gaze demo on Jetson with our “gazenet_onnx.etlt”.

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Moving this topic from NX forum into TLT forum.

The official way to realize the gaze demo can be followed via Requirements and Installation — Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 documentation and then TLT CV Inference Pipeline Quick Start Scripts — Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 documentation and then Running and Building Sample Applications — Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 documentation


Thank you very much for your kindness.
I really appreciate your help.

We’d like to check the related web link from your information.

If there are deepstream app source code of this gaze demo like below, please share us.

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