Where is the

I want to load a TensorFlow trained model (.pb file) to TensorRT on Windows10 platform,from doc I know I must convert the tf model to uff format use the “convert-to-uff” sample,but where is the “convert-to-uff” sample located? I can not find the sample in trt windows sdk,I also download the linux tar install package(TensorRT GA for Ubuntu 18.04 and CUDA 10.0 tar package),and extract the tar.gz file I also can not find the sample,so where can I get the “convert-to-uff” sample?


Please note that it is only available in the x86 Linux.



Oh,that is said although I can extract the python install package and convert_to_uff.py from linux sdk,but I cant convert any tf mode into uff format on Windows, is it ? I had download the linux sdk and extract the package,I run pip to install all *.whl files,and found the “convert_to_uff.py” sample,but I failed to run the sample!