Whether GeForce Support HDR (10bit) output under Ubuntu?


       I want to modify the "AppDecGL" sample code to a HDR player.

      But I am not sure whether GeForce 1080 support 10bit output over HDMI or Dport.

      The information from forum is not clear.



Yes, GeForce 1080 has all capabilities needed to set up a HDR output.

Ryan Park

Hi Ryan,

            Thanks for your reply.

            The point is [b]Ubuntu

Under Win10 I can use the Sample code output HDR signal, the TV connected with the GPU board can recognize the HDR signal.

            But under Ubuntu I use the Sample code, the TV connect with the GPU can't enter HDR mode.  Some thread said that maybe I need to change Xconfig of the Ubuntu.   

            I just want to confirm whether the linux driver support 10bit as windows.