Whether TFLOPS on Tensor Cores is Sparse TFLOPS or DENSE TFLOPS?

From the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Series Data Sheet (DS-10662-001_v1.1), there are following sentences.

JAO 64GB: Ampere GPU 2 GPC | 8 TPC | Up to 170 INT8 Sparse TOPS
or 85 FP16 TFLOPS (Tensor Cores) | Up to 5.32 FP32 TFLOPS or
10.649 FP16 TFLOPS (CUDA cores)
JAO 32GB: Ampere GPU 2 GPC | 7 TPC | Up to 108 INT8 Sparse TOPS
or 54 FP16 TFLOPS (Tensor Cores)
Up to 3.365 FP32 TFLOPS or 6.73 FP16 TFLOPS (CUDA cores)

So I want to confirm “85 FP16 TFLOPS (Tensor Cores)” and “54 FP16 TFLOPS (Tensor Cores)” are sparse TFLOPS or dense TFLOPS.

85 is Sparse FP16 TFLOPs. Half of this would be Dense FP16 TFLOPs.

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