Which Cuda enabled Video Card? help me to choose the right geforce

Good morning,
I’m new in the forum and I’m new with cuda programming.
I’m a student and a worker.
I’m starting to understand this tecnology because I’m doing a final university thesis with cuda!
I’m reading some tutorial and I think I will use the simulator for the next 3-4 weeks for my experiments and for understand CUDA’s programming.
After this period of time I will buy a new graphics card for test my experiment on a real enabled cuda videocard.
My budget is from 300 to 400 euros (400-500 $) and I’m oriented on a geforce series.
Which do you think it’s a good geforce video card for Cuda and that budget?
Is there somewhere a document where for every video card it is written the thread processors capacity?
Every suggestion will be appreciated.
Thanks you

This is a good place to find all of the CUDA compatible cpus and their specifications:

[url=“CUDA GPUs - Compute Capability | NVIDIA Developer”]http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_learn_products.html[/url]

A compute capability 1.3 GPU makes the most sense today, and €300-400 puts you squarely in GTX 285 territory (or two GTX 260s if you want or need multi GPU capability and have a PC with PCIe slots and power supply to handle two cards).

Firmly seconded.

If you want to save money, the GTX-275 looks like very much usefulness for the money.

Have fun!

Thanks you a lot for this reply.
I didn’t think about the possibility to have 2 video card and it sounds really good but for the moment, one Gtx 285 it really seems a nice solution and enough for my university project.
Thanks you again