Which GPU will be best fitted for cluster rendering Workstation?

We are an academic research lab in Germany.

In our lab, we have a cluster computing system that runs 24 LCD displays as a single display (POWER Wall). It is a master-slave node-based system, currently working on Linux (Ubuntu). However, the GPUs we are using are very old, and incapable of ray-tracing. So, we want to replace the GPUs with the latest ones.

Our main goal is conducting academic research on real-time ray tracing rendering. Currently we are running 24 LCD displays, but in future the number of nodes/displays may also increase. Also, it is currently on Ubuntu, but we may try to explore other operating systems like Windows and MacOS in future.

I would like to request you about the best fit latest GPUs for our purpose. Would it be RTX 30 series? Or any other latest GPU especially designed for Workstations? We are not limited to budget, so please give me the best available GPU in the market that can be delivered ASAP.

I guess you should rather contact Nvidia sales dpt about this:

From the technical standpoint, the top model capable of this is currently the RTX A6000 in Mosaic mode, each can drive 4 displays, up to 8 can be stacked to drive up to 32 displays. Per 4 gpus, a Quadro Sync 2 card is also needed, so two of them for 6/8 RTX A6000.
Of course, a mainboard capable of running all of this in SLI mode is necessary.

MacOS is not supported, no drivers available.


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Thanks, I actually wrote to NVIDIA support, they suggested me to post here. You got some wonderful ideas, I was also thinking about the A (ampere?) series, but did not know which one and how to use. So, for 24 displays, 6, A6000 and 2 Quadro Sunc 2 card would be enough?

Yes, that should suffice. Still, you should contact sales dpt to get a list of certified servers capable of running this.
A stands for Ampere, the current gen, not to confuse with the RTX 6000 (without ‘A’) which is from the previous Turing gen.

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Thank you once again for all the details, you assisted me a lot. I will contact the sales team after consulting with my supervisor. I wish you a good weekend.

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