Is it possible to output 6 display with 2xRTX A4500

Hi there, i want to display 6 monitors with the same worstation.
Is it possible to use 2xRTX A4500 gpu cards via NVLink?

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Yes, this is possible. using 2x GPUs, you can drive up to 8 xindependent displays. If you’d need to have sync between the displays, you’d need at least 4000 class and up professional GPUs, and a QuadroSync II add-on card.
If you want the screens to not act as extended (optionally sync’d) screens/desktops, but as a single large combined desktop (=Mosaic), you can do that as well.
Without any Sync card OR NVlink bridge, the Mosaic will not be sync’d, so chances are you’d see artifacts between the GPUs. If you need to avoid that, for 2x identical GPUs that feature NVlink, the NVlink bridge can provide you the sync across Mosaic, as can the QuadroSync II card, which is not limited to 2x GPUs (like NVlink) but to 4x GPUs to be sync’d…