Two Quadro Graphics in 1 Workstation

Hi folks !

I have a need to connect 8 displays with one computer. Different windows of a browser is to be displayed in individual screen. for this I am planning to buy a Workstation & install two Nvidia Quadro T1000 Graphics crad each having 4 mini DP Ports. OS will be Windows 11 Pro.

Will I be able to get the display output from both of the Graphics cards simultaneously or from only one of the insatlled Graphics card ?

If anythig is to be modified in my plan, do guide me.

Hi there @synergybrh and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I don’t see a reason why this would not work. The Turing GPU is a bit old already, but this setup should work, as long as the rest of the system is capable of creating the content to be displayed fast enough.


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