Number of output on Quadro cards


Is someone knows if there is a way (with additional hardware if required, e.g. splitter or other stuff) to use 8 screens (in fullHD) on a single Quadro card with 4 physical output (as Quardo P4000) ?
I do not want to use SLI or a Sync card with several Quadro cards, just one single Quadro.

If it is not possible, what is the reason ? Is it a driver or a Mosaic limitation ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Vince,

Only 4 outputs are supported per GPU. You can try using “display wall controllers” to split high res display outs (4k) to drive smaller resolution “displays elements”. There is a Windows limitation of 16k vertical or 16k horizontal pixels.

Ryan Park

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your reply.
Is this 16k limitation is also valid for Linux systems ?