Going Beyond Mosaic Limitations

Is there any possibility in driving a resolution more than Nvidia Mosaic supports . AFAIK Mosaic supports maximum 16,384 x 16,384 pixels wherein if user has to drive a resolution more than this then does Nvidia has any solution ?

We need to drive Total 144 no of screens in 12x12 grid having 1920x1200 resolution of each screen.

Hi randhirowr5n

Unfortunately, there are no current possible solutions to drive 144 screens.

Ryan Park

I’ve similar issue to solve but with a bit smaller configuration.
I’m going to provide content for our video wall composed of 45 (15 x 3) FullHD TV screens with HDMI inputs.
The idea is to use 1 PC (2 x Intel Xeon, 128GB RAM, Win10 64bit) with four NVIDIA M4000 GPU + QuadroSync and 16 x DisplayPort 1.2 to 3 x HDMI MST Hub.
This way, in theory, we will achieve 48 HDMI outputs with 1080p60 resolution each from one PC.
Do you think, it’ll work? or you suggest different solution?

Hi we’ve had some experience of acheiving a similar scale of viz - feel free to get in touch on david.birch@imperial.ac.uk