NVidia Mosaic Rez Limits (incr to 32K?)


Is it possible to increase the NVidia Mosaic limit from 16384 x16384 to 32767 x 32767 ?

Limits info appears in Appendix A, page 20:

We’re planning a system with 4 x Quadro GPUs, thus 16 x 4K outputs in portrait.
Without overlap 16 * 2160 = 34,560 pixels,
however with horizontal overlap our expected total width is ~30,000 pixels.

Thus, the desired total resolution for NVidia Mosaic is 30,000 x 4096 (?)

AFAIK the maximum X11 resolution is 32767 x 32767
this is simply due to the sizeof an integer in “C”, back in the 1980’s!
Indeed "xrandr | grep maximum" reports 32767 x 32767

Given the recent drivers are open source, might this be a possible mod?

Why is NVidia Mosaic limited to 16384 x 16384?



I believe if xrandr reports a 32kx32k maximum size then you should be able to enable a Mosaic configuration up to that size.

Older GPUs had a 16kx16k limit so I suspect that PDF is just out of date. Please refer to the “Maximum Resolutions” section of the README’s Chapter 18. Programming Modes.