Custom Resolution Mosaic

Hi guys,
I have 4 3120x1280 displays connected to a RTX A5000. I need to set EDIDs but when creating the mosaic the maximum preset resolution is 2560x1440 and there doesn’t seem to be a way to add a custom one. The graphics card can definitely handle the custom resolution.

Any ideas ?

Thank you


When you say you need to set the EDIDs, you are overriding the EDID from the display with one from a file? If the display is capable of 3120x1280, but it is not available in the EDID, you can create a custom resolution on the ‘Change Resolution’ page of the Nvidia Control Panel. Select Customize, and use the wizard to create the new resolution. You will then have to apply this new resolution to all the displays that are to be used in the Mosaic in order to make a mosaic with that resolution.

Hope that helps,