Mosaic and Screen rotation

Hi at all !

I am trying to fully understand the functionality of the mosaic with the rotation of the video output.
I need to create a mosaic by combining 4 video outputs all rotated in 1080x1920 flipped portrait in 4x1 formation so the total resolution is 4320 x 1920.
Since I have never tried physical, I ask you for confirmation.

Can I individually rotate all video output into flipped portrait and then merge them into mosaic?

Is that compatible with GPU: Quadro P1000 or P2200 ?

I am already aware that the Warp and Blend API is required to rotate only a part of the video outputs, there is any update about the integration in command line tool ?

One more question:
Can i use custom resolution per output 480x270 ?
There is any limitation about the custom resolution ?

Thanks for the support.