Mosaic and Screen rotation

Hi at all !

I am trying to fully understand the functionality of the mosaic with the rotation of the video output.
I need to create a mosaic by combining 4 video outputs all rotated in 1080x1920 flipped portrait in 4x1 formation so the total resolution is 4320 x 1920.
Since I have never tried physical, I ask you for confirmation.

Can I individually rotate all video output into flipped portrait and then merge them into mosaic?

Is that compatible with GPU: Quadro P1000 or P2200 ?

I am already aware that the Warp and Blend API is required to rotate only a part of the video outputs, there is any update about the integration in command line tool ?

One more question:
Can i use custom resolution per output 480x270 ?
There is any limitation about the custom resolution ?

Thanks for the support.

Hi Pierpaolo,

We have added this capability to our Ampere GPUs - i.e. NVIDIA RTX A6000, A5000, A4000, A2000 etc. See this post for more details: 2x2 with 2 flipped screens not supported? - #23 by DougT

For Quadro P1000, P2200 etc would need to use the Warp API.

For custom resolutions, I believe there is a minimum resolution related to display port spec and pixel clock. Would need to do some additional research.


Hello DougT,

i want to use also, like Pierpaolo, my 3-4 monitors in portrait mode, combined in Mosaic as ONE desktop, with my Quadro M2000, newest driver is already installed.

It doesn´t work. Only in landscape mode it works.

How do I use Warp API to make this possible (portrait mode 4x1 monitors) ?


To configure mosaic with displays in portrait I recommend using the MOSAIC command-line utility - Mosaic Utility Driver (

For four monitors in portrait the command line will be something like:

configuremosiac set rows=1 cols=4 rotate=90 res=1920,1080,60 

This should result in a layout like:

If your displays are flipped the rotate option will be 270. i.e. rotate=270.

The WARP API is only needed if some of your displays are at 90 and some are 270. WARP API is available for registered developers with the sample code available for download here: Warp and Blend | NVIDIA Developer

Hello DougT,

I tried to enter Mosaic utility via (Command utility) CMD.exe, but nothing worked for me.

How to use thr Mosaic utility exe ?

Hi Stephen.H

Did you get an error message?

Make sure you are running the tool with admin rights.


After typing in:
“configuremosiac set rows=1 cols=4 rotate=90 res=1920,1200,60”

CMD.exe writes:
“configuremosaic” is probably written incorretly or cound not be found.

I have no idea what to do now.

Is it possible for you, to meet me online, and then that you configure it on my PC via “teamviewer” or similar software ?

Hi Stephan,

If you run ‘dir’ in your command shell do you see the configuremosaic.exe application? You may need to change the directory to where you downloaded the application.


Hi DougT,

thanks for your hint.

After running “dir”, the “configuremosaic.exe” is NOT listet there.

How to change the directory and in which directory ?

I copied the “configuremosaic.exe” into the >program >Nvidia folder, and i have run it as administrator, but the “configuremosaic.exe” is still NOT listet under “dir”.

It will depend on your file system but the syntax for changing directory will be something like:

cd “\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation”

I copy-pasted the “configuremosaic.exe” into 2 different folders:

1.) c: > ProgramData > Nvidia Corporation.
2.) c: > Programs > Nvidia Corporation.

Then I executed both, as administrator, to run.

But No success in both cases : “configuremosaic.exe" is still NOT listed under “dir”.

I have no idea why ?

Dear Stephan,
In order to solve your issue you need to understand how to use CMD
It’s simple, to move between folders use “cd foldername”
when you change directory if you need to open configuremosaic.exe use “dir” command to show what there is inside the directory, if you file is present on dir command output the you can type file name to open.
1- Go on Start and seach for CMD
2- Right click on CMD and click on run as administrator
3- cd “C:\ProgramData\Nvidia Corporation” <— look if there is a space in folder name or in filename use “” to escape it.
4- configuremosaic.exe set rows=1 cols=4 rotate=90 res=1920,1200,60
sintax is simple, use file name + options.
This should work fine.
If you cant find correct directory and file not show in dir output, copy exe on easy path like C:\Mosaic\

Can you please help me to understand this on P1000 ?

For custom resolutions, I believe there is a minimum resolution related to display port spec and pixel clock. Would need to do some additional research.