Four TVs 2x2 half-flipped portrait Mosaic setup

Hello everybody,

We are currently trying to do a Mosaic setup consisting of four TVs, in portrait mode, with two of them being upside down, in order to minimize the border between the TVs.

See drawing here:

We tried to create the mosaic setup using a Quadro RTX5000, a RTX A4000 and a RTX A5000, with several versions of the drivers, but none of these seemed to work.

We tried either using the mosaic wizard, either using the configure mosaic command line tool, but each time we got an error, or a landscape setup, or at best a portrait setup with two TVs being upside down.

However, we are able to get this setup by using the regular Windows Display Settings, by setting two displays in portrait mode, and the two others in flipped portrait mode. But this windows setup does not allow to launch programs in full screen over the four displays, which is the final goal.

What do we miss?
What should we do to get it to work ?

Cortex Productions

Hi how are you? I’m in the same problem as you, tell me … have you found a solution?

Our chief software development had to program a specific utility, using the nVidia development kit.
This EXE is launched at windows startup and sets the configuration as requested by our client.

So if you need a solution, you have to program it yourself … but it would help if nVidia would do the job and/or at least answer sometimes to this forum…


There are a couple of ways you could configure displays in that arrangement.

With the latest configureMosaic.exe utility and our Ampere GPUs:

we added mirroring support. So for the config described above would work a command line like this should create the configuration:

configureMosaic.exe set rows=2 cols=2 rotate=90 mirroring out=0,0,nm out=0,1,vhm out=0,2,nm out=0,3,vhm

the exact displays will depend on how you have the displays connected so you may have to change the “nm” and “hm” between the out displays.

An alternative, which is more complicated and requires programming, and would work with GPUs prior to Ampere would be more flexible would be to use our Warp and Blend SDK:

which you could use to write a utility that flips the desired screens. With the Warp and Blend API you could apply arbitrary rotation or distortion to the displays. You would then configure the Mosaic arrangement and then run the utility at startup which would arrange the displays as desired.


hi, i have to set up on t600 portrait mode and the display to combine with in a flipped portrait mode

bought that grafic card for this one purpose and now this simple rotate is not working? please help me to figure this out

i used configureMosaic.exe set rows=1 cols=2 rotate=90 mirroring out=0,0,nm out=0,1,vhm to do this in comand line and every possible combinations of vhm, vm, hm “@ the output” and allways the same error rise: