How do I enable quad buffered stereo for passive polarized 3D mirror-type display?

I need to mirror flip one display and can’t find the setting.
I’m developing an XR display where the left and right views from two monitors are optically folded by a mirror to provide passive (polarized) stereo 3D. One display should be normal, the other needs to be horizontally mirror-flipped.
Going through the NVIDIA control panel, I’m not finding the setting I need to mirror flip one of the displays in order to make this setup work . Is there a hidden menu I could use, or do I have to go through the Warp and Blend API?

Card: Quadro RTX 5000 (notebook)
Driver: 528.24 (DCH)
Host machine: Dell Precision 7750 laptop, running two 2k monitors via the two Thunderbolt ports.

If it’s not in regular consumer -level settings, which API should I look into to enable this function (to flip screen horizontally)? Anyone?

Hello Nick,

there is an option in the Control Panel to flip one display in stereo mode horizontally and vertically. For more control you will need a tool called “configureMosaic.exe”.

The prerequirement is an Ampere GPU or later and it’s only guaranteed to work for desktop GPUs. Notebooks might include video switches to drive a display from the integrated or dedicated GPU etc, so it might work on some notebooks but not others.

To use the Control Panel:

  • Display → Setup multiple displays
    • Right click one display, Smart Clone with the second display
  • 3D Settings → Manage 3D settings
    • Set Stereo - Display Mode to Planar stereo mirror display

To use the configureMosaic tool:

To set one display just horizontally mirrored call:

.\configureMosaic.exe set rows=1 cols=2 mirroring out=0,0,NM out=0,1,VM

For a Mosaic with 2 displays. The out parameters are the GPU index, display index and the mirror mode:

  • NM = No Mirror
  • VM = Vertical Mirror
  • HM = Horizontal Mirror
  • VHM = Vertical and Horizontal Mirror

Based on your description you only need a horizontal mirroring, so you might want to check the configureMosaic tool first.


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Great! Thanks for the reply- Regarding the control panel settings, I am able to choose Smart Clone between the two displays. I don’t, however, see the “Planar stereo mirror display” setting in 3D settings → Set Display mode :

Is this because I’m only on a RTX 5000 (mobile) and not a Ampere GPU (or were you simply noting that the Ampere was required for the Mosaic Utility Tool) ?

I thought I remember seeing Planar’s (now 3D PluraView) manual say it supported my GPU as well as Ampere’s (here’s their setup instructions: . That makes me wonder if my control panel version / or driver is not correct (NVIDIA Control Panel version is 8.1.963.0) ? Thanks again for any further insights.

There was a new hardware feature added in Ampere to allow such mirrored scanouts. So it’s not just the tool requiring an Ampere. The Control Panel makes use of the same feature (the tool just allows you more control).

Here is another posting about it: 2x2 with 2 flipped screens not supported? - #26 by r0bbE

PS: I missed that you have a pre-Ampere GPU, sorry for the confusion.

OK, thank you. Sounds like I’d want to upgrade to an Ampere GPU to get this functionality out of the box.
I took a look at the link which mentioned using the NV API Warp and Blend functions in the NV API. Perusing the API functions, I couldn’t locate which functions would accomplish horizontal mirror flipping. Would you know which direction I might go using the API?

Hi Nick,

we have sample code here: Note that this would be a “software” fallback and not using the Ampere (and later) hardware for more efficient scan-out.
On Ampere and later I’d recommend to setup your system with ConfigureMosaic mentioned above.