Horizontal Mirror Flip function -does one exist in Warp and Blend API

I’m working on a display setup where one display needs to be horizontally mirror flipped (i.e. text reads backwards). (I’m outputting to 2 external displays with a Quadro RTX 5000 laptop card in discrete mode). In the description page about the Warp & Blend API I see this: “Apply warping to any scenario that requires image geometry corrections such as rotation, skew, mirroring, offset, and geometry mapping.”

In the NVAPI, however, I searched and couldn’t easily find a function which would do mirroring. Does anyone have any experience with implementing mirror flips? It seems it should be a common need, for instance if projecting with a mirror.

Hi, with our later GPU generations, Ampere and Ada, so the ones AFTER yours (=Turing), we have a HW flip feature, easier to enable, via our commandline tool: configureMosaic (Mosaic Utility Driver).
But for previous generations of GPUs, so yours, you will need to dig into the Warp’n’blend API, create a (simple) mesh, and then distort the mesh, so it matches the flips you need. There is no explict “just flip one screen” function…