Horizontal Mirror Flip function -does one exist in Warp and Blend API

I’m working on a display setup where one display needs to be horizontally mirror flipped (i.e. text reads backwards). (I’m outputting to 2 external displays with a Quadro RTX 5000 laptop card in discrete mode). In the description page about the Warp & Blend API I see this: “Apply warping to any scenario that requires image geometry corrections such as rotation, skew, mirroring, offset, and geometry mapping.”

In the NVAPI, however, I searched and couldn’t easily find a function which would do mirroring. Does anyone have any experience with implementing mirror flips? It seems it should be a common need, for instance if projecting with a mirror.

Hi, with our later GPU generations, Ampere and Ada, so the ones AFTER yours (=Turing), we have a HW flip feature, easier to enable, via our commandline tool: configureMosaic (Mosaic Utility Driver).
But for previous generations of GPUs, so yours, you will need to dig into the Warp’n’blend API, create a (simple) mesh, and then distort the mesh, so it matches the flips you need. There is no explict “just flip one screen” function…

Hi @Frank_Quadro , the configureMosaic seems pretty good fit for me. Using RTX GPU, what would be the command line that would allow me to flip(Horizontal flip, not rotation) one monitor that is part of a stereo display(clone mode). I looked at the Mosaic doc and I haven’t found any help for that. So if you could give an example that would be great. Thanks.

Hi, the commandline tool I pointed to:

has the capability to HW flip a screen, on Ampere and Ada based professional GPU.
pls run the tool in a cmd, without options, it will then provide you with guidance for syntax with the help and detailed options for the tool.

Frank, is there a version of this for consumer grade GPUs? This would greatly simplify teleprompter setups that need to be mirrored/flipped around the vertical axis.

Hi Matt, no, this is considered a professional feature, available only on the professional GPUs… it will flip/mirror the whole screen, the scanout buffer. For a teleprompter type usecase, I would envision a SW driven flip for just that prompter window would be more suitable?

I use the a standard monitor in my teleprompter setup for zoom calls, working on documents with clients, etc. Do I need to flip and mirror the full display for windows. A driver feature or SW to achieve this is fine. I have a work around not which sucks using a virtual monitor and OBS. Programs always move over to the virtual display when I turn my monitors off, getting lost. I ha e tried UltraMon SW but it does not work.

Hi Matt, not sure I understand your last comment?
only with our last generation of professional GPUs, we offer the feature to flip the whole scanout=screen in HW.
I don’t understand your setup for ‘teleprompting with zoom’.
Full screen flip/mirror would typically be needed, when there is a (semi-transparent) mirror in the game, that needs to be compensated for…
Teleprompting has such a semi transparent mirror in front of the camera. Some stereo screen setups have such semi-transparent screen to view at, to combine different view per eye, one straight see through, the other mirrored, hence needs the flip…
If this is what you have as a setup, you will need an Ampere or Ada Lovelace professional RTX GPU, and use the feature of the flip in HW.
If all you do is look at/read from another screen, in a rotated orientation, MSFT or NV GUI options to rotate your screen should do. OR, a SW made for this propose should be able to display text in a flipped or mirrored way, no need to make the whole screen flipped then…?