Warp and blend configuration - 2x2 Mosiac

Hello Dear colleagues,

We purchased a Nvidia Quadro P2000 in order to make a video wall 2x2. Unfortunatly we didn’t find any TV within our budget in order to have borderless TV’s so we bought 4 TV’s with 3 sides with no border and we have installed 2 normal and 2 at 180º.

The problem that we have now is that i can’t go on windows and flip 2 of the 4 TV’s and then configure Mosaic.
After searching on the internet i found out that i could flip those 2 inverted screens with Warp and Blend, but i don’t have any scripting knowledge.

Could you please help me configure Warp and blend in order to install a mosiac 2x2 with 2 TV’s on top flipped 180º please?

Thank you very much
By remaining available

Hi all,

I have the same question and have been busy with it since 8 months.

They promised to give a working example of the warp and Blend, but they are holding a carrot in front of me and think that I’m a rabbit that stays happy.

Furthermore as a new member you are only allowed to have 3 posts in the same topic, so when they hold on long enough you cannot reply anymore?!?
So Nvidia, If you read this, please show your worthy and come over the bridge with that promised example.