Warp and blend configuration - 2x2 Mosiac

Hello Dear colleagues,

We purchased a Nvidia Quadro P2000 in order to make a video wall 2x2. Unfortunatly we didn’t find any TV within our budget in order to have borderless TV’s so we bought 4 TV’s with 3 sides with no border and we have installed 2 normal and 2 at 180º.

The problem that we have now is that i can’t go on windows and flip 2 of the 4 TV’s and then configure Mosaic.
After searching on the internet i found out that i could flip those 2 inverted screens with Warp and Blend, but i don’t have any scripting knowledge.

Could you please help me configure Warp and blend in order to install a mosiac 2x2 with 2 TV’s on top flipped 180º please?

Thank you very much
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