MOSAIC 2x Quadro RTX 5000

Hello I have no idea where to look and hope anyone of you cold give me some hints
I try to configure a 2x3 Mosaic Grid. If I try it via NVIDIA Control Panel I can’t apply the setting (just flashes and goes back to the apply page without any change)

Tried to use the ConfigureMosaic utility with set row , col and it gives me “Couldn’t find layout for grid 0” error

I have the displays plugged in recomended order and use 2 Quadro RTX 5000 with SLI Bridge
NVIDIA Driver Version R470 U7 (472.84)

I can create a 2x2 Mosaic without problems and got it already working … Then we had to exchange one monitor since then it doesn’t work with 2x3 and I don’t know where to look up for troubleshoot (I can create a 2x2 with the exchanged monitor icluded)

Thanks in advance

Had to change DP 1.2 to DP 1.1 on each monitor then I used NVIDIA driver from Windows Update and it worked

Welcome to the forum. Glad to see that you solved the problem :D: