12 screen Mosaic setup with Quadro K5000 GPUs

I am trying to configure a 3x4 display wall (as a single screen) using 3 K5000s with QuadroSync. nvidia-settings does detect all GPUs and monitors, but segfaults when I enable the Mosaic mode. I found the documentation on the subject surprisingly sparse, probably because the technology is still too new. Is there a separate utility to configure the Premium Mosaic features supported by this card?

Hi vflorins,

What driver version were you using, and does the problem still occur with the latest release?


We’re actually having the same problem with a 3x5 setup. We’re using 4 k5000 cards installed into a cubic pander using driver 331.67. We’re attempting to configure the 15 monitors to run off of the k5000 cards and use a k600 card to control a separate screen for workstation use. We’ve successfully gotten this setup working on Windows but are having extreme issues when using OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. We’ve installed the drivers via repos and via a manual install, all to no avail. We’ve been unable to enable the Premium mosaic feature with or without the k600 card installed. Sometimes nvidia-settings truncates the xorg file, resulting in a corrupt xorg file, and sometimes it doesn’t appear to do anything to the file once x server is restarted.

What is the minimum hardware configuration on which you are observing this issue? I mean minimum numbers of displays to create display wall (as a single screen) with less than 3 GPU boards ? This will help us to reproduce this issue in-house for investigation.

We can configure 4 displays on one K5000 card and one display on the K600 card at one time, with the four displays on the K5000 only displaying a black screen and an X cursor, without the ability to drag windows to it. If we attempt to configure just 2 displays, one per K5000 card, in SLI mode, the system crashes and the xorg file must be replaced before we can get back into the GUI.

Plz attach nvidia-bug-report by running nvidia-bug-report.sh script as root user.