Mosaic/Mutliscreen(6+) support like on Windows


I’m owner of two 680 GTX and 6 27" (2540x1440) screens. On windows I’m able to run all 6 screens without any issues (some Memory issues on suspend-resume but nothing big). On Linux it is not possible to run all 6 screens in one X-Server out of the box (using nvidia blob). The driver refuses to put the card(s) into Mosaic Mode since they are not Quadro or whatever. With slightly modified drivers (1 flipped bit) it just works. Is there any way to get official support for this feature? I think it is very disappointing for many users which are used to this feature from the Windows world but are unable to achieve the same on Linux (or any non-Windows Platform you support).

I must admit that it sometimes feels like it is leaking more memory than in Windows so I occasionally need to reboot but that is fine with me (so far).

Is there any comment from your side on why (not) or when this would be available ?

Hi andi, I’m looking into which card(s) to buy to get full support for 6 monitors on linux.
It is very unclear I must say. I started to think that Mosaic (which seems to be the only
thing that might do what I need) is only working with Quadro cards.

I’m very disappointed to see that there isn’t even an answer to your question on Nvidias official linux forum :(. But maybe you can help me out? Can you please tell me which cards are usable, and what I need to do get mosaic working on linux? What bit are you talking about that needs flipping? :/