6 Monitor Configuration

I am trying to configure a 6 monitor system. I was recommended to purchase a secondary RTX 2080ti in order to achieve this solution, yet I am struggling to have all monitors working. I have configured my xorg settings and have successfully got all the monitors to work by assigning each monitor to its own individual xscreen in nvidia-settings and using Xinerama, yet the performance is terrible (not what is expected from dual 2080ti’s!).

I have read that base mosaic mode may be the solution to have all monitors across the two gpus to use a single xscreen, but I cannot get this to work. May you help guide me in achieving a 6 monitor dual RTX 2080ti solution? I am using Ubuntu 19.10 with Nvidia Driver 440.33.01. Thank you!

You got a wrong recommendation, with dual consumer grade GTX/RTX type cards, you’re left to Xinerama which is known to be bad performance-wise and has other issues.
BaseMosaic is is a feature reserved for Quadro type cards.
To have 6 monitors with a 2080ti, remove the second one, then either enable the integrated on-board graphics (intel/amd) if available or buy a cheap, recent amd card and use PRIME for the nvidia card using its outputs.