Configuring multiple RTX A4000 GPUs as a single Screen 0 on Linux RedHawk 6.5.6

I am attempting to use two RTX A4000 GPUs to support 4 monitors. In order to support the edge blending software I need to have the 4 monitors recognized as a single screen in the NVIDIA settings/XORG config file. In the previous configuration we used 2 GPUs that support SLI Mosaic. These cards do not support SLI and as such we are required to use BaseMosaic. The issue we have is that whenever we set BaseMosaic as true or on in the xorg config file we get an error in the xorg log file that states “Failed to select a display subsystem”. The moment base mosaic is removed every starts fine. The only issue is with basemosaic I can only get the monitors to be recognized as Screen 0 (the first two monitors) and Screen 1 ( the second two monitors). As such our edge blending software attempts to draw across the 4 monitors but it cant find the second set of monitors. Can anyone tell me if these cards can actual support basemosiac and what we are trying to accomplish natively or if we require additional hardware? we found this in our searches which is what prompted our question. Quadro sync solutions for ultra high resolution display | NVIDIA
Have tried many different options and configurations to get this to work but the thing that always fails is when we turn on baseMosaic.

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Thank you for your detailed problem description and i am sorry to hear you run into issues.

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I will also try to bring this to the attention of some internal experts.

I hope you find a solution soon!

Thank you very much. That is much appreciated.


Hi @william.rodriguez1,

Can you share the output of running with us. That should collect all the log files so we can look and see where the error is recurring.