Base Mosaic with more than three monitors


Currently running 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04 across three GTX 670 cards. I am running four monitors. Three high resolution monitors and one HDTV.

I am using base mosaic to power this setup. This worked fine up to version 302.17. On subsequent releases, only three monitors will light up. I can see from the documentation that only three are officially supported, but four worked fine up until then. So it looks like the capability to run more than three in base mosaic has been intentionally disabled?

If so, are there any plans to remove this restriction, or am I permanently stuck on 302? Thanks!

I’m also having this problems, I would like to be able to run 4 monitors instead of 3 with the newest drivers. I’m using 2 GTX 560 Ti cards.

Same things here - I’m about to buy my fourth monitor (possibly going to extend it to 6 in the near future) and was shocked to learn that Mosaic has been removed from the latest drivers - why is that? Any nvidia dev here who can please tell me what the solution is for linux with 4 to 6 monitors and the latest drivers, using GeForce GTX cards. Thanks.

I have basemosaic running on 4 monitors with 340, and 331 (?) before that. However, I have a pair of Quadro K600 cards, not sure if the answer is the same for Geforce.

AFAIK mosiac was only supposed to be for quadro cards anyway? Why not just use Twinview? that supports 4 displays no problem. I am using it for one tiled 3840x2400 display (1920x1200 x2) and a 3840x2160 + 2560x1600 display.

Yeah, that’s why they disabled support for more than 3 displays on Geforce - they want to force people to buy the more expensive Quadro cards:

It’s the same in the Windows driver, in fact that was the official explanation when the Linux driver was changed - feature parity with Windows:

Because people here have multiple cards. BaseMosaic combines them into one logical GPU. With Twinview all displays must be connected to a single card.

Ok I get it for the multi GPU thing. Kepler and newer cards support 4 displays anyway and with twinview + notwinviewxinerammainfo or the xineramainfooveride you could still make them look like one display still.

On iPhone…

I have 2 matching Quadro 600 video cards with 4 matching monitors. Base Mosaic is not working for me. Is 4 monitor mosaic mode supported on all Quadro video cards or just the higher end ones?

The Xorg log just reports that it failed to load the Base Mosaic configuration to the device and X crashes.

I’ve used two quadro K2200 with 3 dell 32" 4K monitors in MST mode. (dp 1.2 enabled on the monitors) This gives you 6 panels which the linux driver treats like 6 monitors. Two panels per monitor when your monitor is configured in dp1.2 MST mode. I was able to configure all 6 MST panels using base mosaic. The important point was I had to have exactly the same two cards. I tried using a K2200 and a K620 and the base mosaic didn’t work. I was forced into buying two K2200. That left me with a very sour taste in my mouth.

On thing which really drives me nuts is this whole issue of restricting base mosaic to 3 monitors. The problem is 4K! If I want to run my monitors if full 4K @ 60 Hz mode, linux thinks I have 6 monitors. but I really only have 3! So base mosaic should work using the geforce cards! I wish NVIDIA would release a driver which supports the new MST support in Xorg 1.18. I’m just sitting and waiting…

NVIDIA please! please! please! release a driver which supports MST in Xorg 1.18! please!