Help configuring 3 monitors on 2 cards with BaseMosaic [solved - only 1 card needed]

Hi all,

I have a Quadro K2000 and a Quadro 2000 with a HP Zr30w and 2 HPl2465 monitors attached. The K2000 drives the ZR30w and the 2000 drives the other two. I have been trying to configure it with Base Mosaic using nvidia-setiings so that all 3 monitors appear as one, but it keeps complaining about the PCI IDs of the GPUs being different. Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought that base mosaic would work across multiple nvidia cards - or do they need to be the exact same cards? Has anyone done something similar to my setup without using Xinerama as I would like to keep my 3d acceleration. Currently, I can set it up so that I have three separate screens that I can’t move windows between, and it works, but is less than ideal. Attached is the bug report, as well as the generated xorg.conf from nvidia-settings. Thanks!
xorg.conf.txt (1.84 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (418 KB)
Xorg.0.log.txt (6.25 KB)

They do need to be the same. That said, is there any particular reason you aren’t just plugging all three monitors into the K2000?

In the immortal words of the ever wise Homer Simpson… “DOH!” - I got so wrapped up in trying to make two cards work together simply because I had two cards, the obvious solution went right over my head. Everything works as desired now and no real special configuration outside nvidia-xconfig (to get 1 monitor up) and then nvidia-settings to tweak. Bonus - 1 card to dedicated to experimenting with CUDA / OpenCL!

Sorry for the completely stoopid question - thanks for the quick fix :)