Difficulty with more than one X screen when using base-mosaic (304.88)


I’ve googled like a madman, and have so far come up with nothing. Here is my current hardware setup.

Two 550gtx TI cards with an SLI link
One 6800gt card

Three Samsung monitors hooked up to the 550 ti cards (first card both connections, second with the third) running in Base Mosaic mode.

The 6800gt is hooked up to a 24" LG flatron, in portrait mode.

What I want to do is run one X screen on the base mosaic setup, and a second X screen (server) on the 6800gt + LG monitor.

Seems that this may not be possible, or is there a trick with options for the nvidia driver to support both of these screens?

I will include a link both to the log and the xorg.conf I have tried. Any suggestions are most welcome.

http://paste.debian.net/10491/ <-- This is the xorg.conf
http://paste.debian.net/10492/ <-- This is the X log output

I hope I can somehow get this configuration to run.

While I don’t need to do any gaming, I do want to be able to have one large screen on the 3 monitors while still being able to move windows between them. The portrait mode screen is fine as an independent as it is only used for writing code.

I’ve tried different drivers for the 6800, alas, nothing…

BaseMosaic mode only supports one X screen.