Base Mosaic vs SLI mosaic and GeForce cards

Can someone point me to a web page or information on the latest with base mosaic mode and/or SLI mosaic mode. The question I’m trying to get answered is whether I can properly run two geforce cards in my system and have them drive multiple monitors with all monitors tied together so I can drag a window from one monitor to the other.

I’ve read that base mosaic is only supported under the quadro class cards. Is this true? What about SLI moasic? Is that how one gets two gefore class video cards to support multiple monitors under one desktop?

The linux driver documentation web site doesnt specifically say that base mosaic is only supported under quadro class cards. Same with SLI cards, just that they have to be identical GPUs to work. But before I go off and buy another geforce GTX 970 card, I want to make sure the base mosaic or SLI mosaic will work with the geforce GPUs

I hope all that made sense…

Cheers. Steve.

I’ve been told SLI mosaic is the only SLI mode that actually works on linux, because each card will render it’s own X screen or something like that, but I wouldn’t put my hands on fire to state that it actually works since overall SLI on linux is pretty much broken, so buy the second card at your own risk.

You can also wait to see if any SLI mosaic user on this forum will give you a reply, since they can probably tell you with much more certainty than I, whether it works or not, the only think I can tell you from personal experience is that SLI on a single monitor is broken, you can search for posts from other users saying so.