Ailed to initialize SLI Mosaic Mode 'Unknown error' - 2x GTX 970, Ubu 20.04

Hiya, trying to move from windows, ok with linux but usually CLI and could do with some help please


  1. No SLI tab in nvidia server X settings - because it’s not working
  2. If I enable the apple monitor in the server settings, Ubuntu won’t display on it, black screen with X

Everything seems to be in the log so please shout if I can provide anything else.

Monitors setup:

  • 1x ROG on display port
  • 2x HP on DVI
  • 1 x Apple cinema on DVI

I may be misunderstanding how this is (meant to) working…?
Should I be able to get all monitors working with SLI on linux, or just on one card. I understood all of them from the mosaic page.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (600.3 KB)

Many thanks

SLIMosaic is only supported on Quadro type cards. With Geforce, you’re limited to BaseMosaic.


Just reading more but I’m now confused if I wanted mosaic. Just for the monitors to work and getting confused by various posts.

Lots of places suggest
nvidia-xconfig -sli=on

but from man page

  1. its – (double dash) sli
  2. sli accepts off or mosaic

Am I missing the point here?

The point you’re missing is that SLI has been removed from the driver, it’s not supported anymore apart from SLIMosaic which only works on Quadros.
nvidia-xconfig --base-mosaic
is what you can use.

Thanks for that, you’ve just saved me many many hours of googling and hair pulling and it’s appreciated.

As frustrating as it is…