Trying to set up 4 monitors on 2 Nvidia Geforce 710 cards running Fedora 27 Gnome desktop


My first post here. I’m having a hell of a frustrating time trying to get 4 monitors to work together. I have 2 Geforce 710 cards with 2 monitors each. The main card has 2 27 inch HD monitors and the other card has my older 2 22 inch Dell monitors. I have tried everything I have read to get them to work. Only the main 2 work, the other 2 have blank screens where I can move the cursor to them but there’s no display nor can I move windows.

I downloaded the latest 390.25 driver from and installed it. Before this, I tried the 387 driver in RPM form from rpmfusion. I’ve tried enabling base mosaic, nothing. The X log file says something about SLI not supported and unable to find video link. I have not enabled SLI. Xinerama gives me a blank screen. The nouveau driver is able to run all 4 monitors but I’d rather use the nvidia driver unless someone tells me I can’t.

I have spent a LOT of time trying to make this work. I had been using Mint for several years and tried to making it work but couldn’t. I switched to Fedora after the LiveCD was able to run all 4 monitors without a problem. Would really appreciate some help here or confirmation that I can’t run 4 monitors on 2 nvidia geforce 710 cards together. I can’t imagine that wouldn’t be possible. Thank you in advance.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (135 KB)

I’ve attached the bug report and a screenshot of the nvidia-settings window which shows my exact monitor setup. The 2 main monitors are at the bottom and the 2 older smaller ones are above. Thanks.

Sorry if this will frustrate you but you should use nouveau.
BaseMosaic on non-Quadro cards is limited to three monitors by the prop. driver. Xinerama will disable hw accel, so besides other problems with it this won’t be better than nouveau.
The only way I can think of to make it work with the prop. driver would be to use Prime which will be hard to set up with two nvidias.

No more frustrating than I have been in the last 2 weeks trying everything to make it work. Reading the documentation leads me to believe this should work by enabling BaseMosaic, using one Xscreen and metamodes to include all 4 monitors. I am able to move the cursor across all 4 monitors so there is a virtual screen including all the monitors. I don’t understand why the other 2 don’t function like normal displays.

Read my post again: BaseMosaic is limited to 3 displays on your hardware, forget about it.
You currently have two screens, one on each gpu. You can move the mouse between them but nothing else, so the desktop spans only one screen with two monitors.
You could merge the two screens together into one screen using Xinerama but you would lose accel so have a abysmal experience.

If I enable Xinerama, I get blank screens on both main monitors so that’s pointless. I guess I’ll go back to Nouveau. Very disappointing indeed. Thanks.