BaseMosaic hard hangs F30/5.0.8 kernel

Just installed 2x P2000 (non SLI) and I am looking to attach 6 monitors. 3 Dell U2415s and 3 assorted. I can get a working config off of any 4 monitors on a single card. The second I reference the second card in the Metamode line, or set Option “BaseMosaic” “True” the box hard hangs starting X. Completely dead, nothing.

Any thoughts about this? I can’t find anything on kernel-devel (minus mention of an dri issue with Intel that sounds similar) so I am kinda stumped here)

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Link to the Mosaic User Guide.

  1. Please refer to Page 3 System Requirements Table 1.2 and Table 1.4. It appears that your desired configuration is not supported since there is no way to sync the 2 P2000 GPUs. No SLI, no QuadroSync II capabilities.
  2. Please refer to Page 6. Matching Displays. All displays must be using the same timing. even though they may appear to have the same resolution and refresh. I would suggest all the monitors should be identical for a mosaic configuration.
    If you attach your xorg.conf I can take a look. But realistically, 6 monitors (4 different types) and no SLI capability or QSII support is not likely to be successful for a Mosaic configuration.
    cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |grep -e WW -e EE #suggest you review X server errors and warnings


Additional information related to item 1)
You are right, that base mosaic would support P2000 multi-GPU mosaic, however there is no provision for sync between GPUs. there will be tearing between images in the scene.
However item 2 “matching displays” requirements are still applicable.