BaseMosaic hard hangs F30/5.0.8 kernel

Just installed 2x P2000 (non SLI) and I am looking to attach 6 monitors. 3 Dell U2415s and 3 assorted. I can get a working config off of any 4 monitors on a single card. The second I reference the second card in the Metamode line, or set Option “BaseMosaic” “True” the box hard hangs starting X. Completely dead, nothing.

Any thoughts about this? I can’t find anything on kernel-devel (minus mention of an dri issue with Intel that sounds similar) so I am kinda stumped here)

So far, SLI-like setups didn’t work with the 5.0 kernel, I don’t know if that has been fixed with the v430 driver, which driver version are you running?

Currently running the 418.56 (using the negativo17 packages on fedora 30). I can yank them if you seem to think that maybe the 430 drivers have a fix.


Rolled to the nvidia binary driver (.run) 430.09 version and that evidences the same. Run with a monitor on the second card and BaseMosaic set to True and it hard hangs the system.