32x 4k displays on one system - constant crashing

I’ve been trying to set up a system with 32 4k displays in an 84 grid using four NVS810 graphics cards for a large single-surface mosaic configuration. Our displays are portrait-mode, 21603840@30Hz 8bpc HDMI. To avoid windows 10 limit of 16k width, we were planning on limiting horizontal extent to 16k by using overlap functionality.

However, when configuring the system, it crashes constantly, and when not crashing, it is agonizingly slow. The system setup has wasted about a week of the tech’s time from this instability.

The best success so far has been using the command line configuration tool. After a few failed boots, the system did get to the desktop and worked until a UAC prompt for some software grayed out the screen, then the system fully crashed again.

We tried windows 7 as well and got better results with it, but still only one 4*4 mosaic with some (not all) independent displays.

Mosaic documentation mentions 32* 4k as the maximum possible configuration for the current iteration of the mosaic technology. Can you give an example setup which realizes 32* 4k displays on a single host system?


Hi cirthix,

This configuration is not supported. 32 screen MOSAIC is supported on Quadro GPUs not NVS cards. We only support overlap with the NVS810 when MOSAIC is limited to a single card. With Multiple NVS810 cards you will only be able to set bezel corrections with MOSAIC.

Ryan Park

If we were to swap out the nvs810s for four p4000 and a sync card, could we use MST-type DP to dual HDMI adapters such as this one to acheive 32x 4k display mosaic under windows?


Hi cirthix,

Displays attached to a MST hub will not enable you to support 8 displays from an single GPU. We do support 8 GPUs in a single workstation with 2 Quadro Sync cards.

These two motherboards can support 8 GPUs for MOSAIC:


Boxx GX8:

Ryan Park