NVS 810 + Mosaic issue

Hello, guys.
I have a really big problem with nvs 810. I made a 6x3 videowall with 6xMatrox TripleHead2Go and 1xNVS 810.
Everything work fine, resolution of every Matrox - 3840x720. It is connected to 6xoutputs of graphic card.
So, problem is: I made one big desktop through Mosaic. But after rebooting the server, Mosaic configuration crashs. Every time. 2 of 6 matroxs disconnect, 4 another matroxs lost correct position of displays.

I tried re-install Matrox and Nvidia drivers (different versions), flash matroxs with one firmware, change outputs of card. I had no any result. I think, Problem is double GPU of NVS 810.

OS: Windows 7 x64.

Does somebody have any ideas?

I have created a topic on different forum, maybe some answers there can give some additional information.


I have the same problem.
Can anyone help us?

There is no good solution. I created a configuration for the utility to click the mouse and restore the mosaic configuration every time after reboot. The problem is in the drivers. NVS 810, I believe, has 2 processors, and they lose synchronization every time after boot.

Hi Dimitriy,
I fixed this problem few months ago.
The problem is with the admin permissions on folder created when you installed the drivers.
Does not put permissions for admin on that folder on drivers installation.
Check it!
Good luck!

Hi we have done the setup for 7x1 video wall display with portrait mode and displays used Samsung and here I have made one big desktop but desktop is stretching so kindly advice if I use this NVS 810 graphics card then my problem will solve and one more thing we doing big interactive touch so kindly advice me which solution will be better