3x3 + 1 Video Wall

I am trying to create a custom video wall using 3 Quadro P4000 cards and one Sync II card. I am currently running Windows 10, but I prefer Linux.

I want the wall to be made up of nine screens in a 3x3 configuration. I want a tenth screen to be a separate display. Two of the P4000 cards have three monitors hooked up to them. The third has 3 monitors plus a fourth monitor that is off to the side.

Everytime I use Mosaic to configure the 3x3 unified display, the tenth monitor goes blank. I cannot get NVIDIA control panel to set it up for a second display. Nor can I use the Windows “Setup multiple displays” to configure the 10th monitor.

Has anyone else tried a similar configuration? If so, how did you do it? Am I missing something in the documentation?

My 10th monitor is of a different type then the 9 that make up the wall. Is this a refresh rate mismatch issue?


Hi Henry,

I’m working on the same thing, but I am just now spec-ing out the hardware. I’m building a 3 x 3 video wall for interactive 3D animation for the science museum I work for, with a fourth touch display to drive the interactivity. What PC are you using? Did you build it, and if so, would you mind sharing the spec’s with me?


I found this information on page 6 of the Mosaic User’s Guide here:

Non-Mosaic Displays

  • Pre Kepler-based GPUs: Additional displays that are not part of the desired Mosaic configuration should not be connected, as this may result in unpredictable behavior.

If Mosaic is enabled on an NVIDIA GPU, then connectors on that GPU that are not
assigned to a Mosaic configuration are not available for use.

  • Kepler- and Maxwell-based GPUs and later: Beginning with Kepler-based GPUs (for example, the Quadro K5000 or K5000M), users can assign some displays to a Mosaic configuration and then use the NVIDIA Control Panel->Set Up Multiple Display page to enable another display separate from the Mosaic setup.

So it seems that you can use the NVIDIA Control Panel to set up the configuration you want.

I am having the same issue using 3 RTX 6000 cards. Has anyone been able to create this setup? I also have the sync card connected to all three RTX GPU’s