Video Wall Specs

I apologize in advance for the length, but want to give as much information as possible…

I work with a band that has a portable video wall behind them. While it works, we would like to simplify/improve it.

Here is what we have:
Several year old Lenovo Thinkstation tower with 2 Xeon, 32GB RAM, Windows 10
1 AMD FirePro W600
6 Matrox DualHead2Go
12 Sceptre 55" 4K TVs
2 Lenovo touchscreen monitors

We are using VirtualDJ to play MP4 videos and need to have all TVs show up as 1 display in Windows. Since AMD’s Eyefinity only supports 6 displays, that is why we are using the DualHead2Go devices. Not ideal (or supported), but it does work. However, it sometimes seems to struggle handling some videos. The TVs are in a 4x3 configuration and are not running at 4K (the max the Matrox allows is 1920x1200).

Besides a new server, I have a few questions about what hardware to get.

1)Could we use 2 NVS 810s and use Mosaic to unify the 12 displays?
1a)If so, what is the best way to connect them?

  • 8 displays on 1 card and 4 on the other, thus using only 3 GPUs? Could we then use 2 of the remaining 4 ports on the 4th GPU for non-Mosaic displays?
  • 6 displays on each card, with 3 on each GPU to balance the usage? And maybe a NVS 310 for the 2 additional displays?

2)Or, should we go with 3 Quadro P4000s with Mosaic, plus a Quadro P400 for the 2 additional displays?
2a)Is the Sync II card required to use Mosaic with the P4000s?
2b)If not required, would it be needed?

So, there you have it. Am I in the ballpark? Or barking up the wrong tree?


Thanks for your inquiry.
1) multiple NVS810’s are not supported in Mosaic (Maximum is 1)
2) To drive 12 monitors in Mosaic, Three Quadro GP100/P6000/P5000/P4000 (depending on Frame Buffer needs)
2a) Quadro Sync II card would be required.
Mosaic +1. A single additional non-mosaic display can be added as a separate display on a separate GPU


Also the User Guide for Mosaic is here:

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, with 3 P4000s (in Mosaic) and 1 P400 (not in Mosaic), we would only be able to connect 1 display to the P400? Currently we have 2 displays that are mirrored for the control display (1 on stage for drummer and 1 off stage for tech). Would that not be possible?


As per the User Guide, it is not supported.
Since they are mirrored displays, a distribution amp may allow you to split the single signal to 2 separate displays. there is additional complexity (touch panels). Not sure how that will all pan out in your setup.