Dual T400 Six Screen Mosaic

I have a few six display Mosaic setups with NVS810 cards in them. They’re getting a little old so I’m looking to update them, there’s really nothing available anymore that does that. It seems. From what I’ve been reading on Nvidia’s website and around, I can now use multiple T series cards instead, they won’t be synced because they don’t have a sync port, but I don’t really need that.

Anyway, my current test system has two T400 4GB cards in it and when I go to enable Mosaic across all of the displays it says “Mosaic is not supported. This may be due to a firmware related issue.” If I keep it to one card it’s fine, but if I try to span the two cards I get that message.
With my NVS810 cards, I had to use the PNY active mDP to DVI adapters, but have found with the T1000 card in another system, that was no longer required.
(Is there a manual or documentation that I’m not finding? Everything seems to be about ten years out of date.)

I’m running the latest build of Windows 10 IOT Ent with Nvidia RTX driver 551.23.

I will reply to my own post.

It was the mixed mDP to HDMI adapters that were the problem. Now that I have a set of six matching adapters (Monoprice 33127), it works perfectly.

I have Mosaic running across six side by side portrait displays via two T400 cards.