Advice on Mosaic configuration with Ubuntu 20.04 and two T1000 cards


I have a workstation with Ubuntu 20.04 installed and two T1000 cards. I want to connect four 4K monitors and configure Nvidia Mosaic to have a seamless desktop (mostly just interested in being able to expand an application in Fullscreen mode spanning the four monitors).

My question is whether it should be better/easier to connect the four monitors to one card, or to connect two monitors to each card. Which option should give better performance? Which option would be easier to set?

There is here a recent thread (multiGPU mosiac with 2 T1000 cards on ubuntu not working) with a similar setting in which two T1000 cards don’t seem to work with Ubuntu, but not sure if this is a limitation of the cards or just some problem with configuration that can be hopefully fixed.

Any advice/suggestions welcome.

Ángel de Vicente

Single GPU will be easier - less options in xorg file.

The desktop manager and/or RANDR may be fighting against MOSAIC being set-up correctly. Recommend adding these options to your xorg file

Option         "nvidiaXineramaInfo" "FALSE"

Section "Extensions"
    Option         "RANDR" "Disable"