NVS 810, 2nd GPU core screens out of alignment

Hi all,

We have a setup running 7 screens of one NVS 810, facing some problems which we can’t find a solution for.

3 out of 7 screens are out of alignment (please see image here: Dropbox - Error).

While we managed to fake fix this somehow by changing the Windows display layout scale - basically cropping massively from the edges - this miss alignment is still visible. The fake fix resets at logout or restart, which leads to someone on-site finding a different scaling percentage to hide this.

Even stranger is that this doesn’t happen at the login screen, but only after once we logged in.

Another observation is that the 3 screens with the bug are on the 2nd GPU, versus the first 4 screens which work well and are on the 1st GPU. Can this be a Mosaic issue?

Windows 10 64bit is up to date, Driver version: 376.84.

Any help is highly appreciated,

Hi work6y95b,

How are you connecting to the displays?

Are you using a native display port, cabled extenders, or converting from display port to HDMI?

This type of shift happens typically because display timing sent to display is not native to the display. This can occur when:

  1. Going from DP to HMDI with powered dongles. The dongle is doing the decode of the video signal.
  2. If in MOSAIC mode they are running different display type of displays that support different resolutions. MOSAIC mode will try and pick a common timing and that common timing may be causing the shift on the image.

There may be other reasons for the shift, but please confirm first whether the signal path and the displays are all identical.

Hope that helps!