NVS 810 is not display the screens connected to 2 GPU

Hi all,

i have my server with NVS 810 connected to eight screens using DP to HDMI adapter. Everything was working well until the day my OS crashed and i reinstalled it. Since only the 4 on 8 screens are displaying and detected on device manager. Those screens are connected on the 1stGPU. Those on the 2nd GPU aren’t displaying. My driver version 417 and im using windows 10 64 bit up to date.
My screen’s resolution is 1920*1024 with 60 hz as refresh rate.
Please can you help me to reactivate the 2nd GPU


Are you using the latest Nvidia drivers?


Are you seeing the second GPU in device manager?


Thank you for your help.

Yes i’m seeing the second GPU in device manager and i’m using the driver version 417 get from driver pack solution online.

Let me try the latest Nvidia drivers from the link you gave me and get back to you.

Thank you very much.

hello TomK@Nvidia
I have my server with NVS 810 connected to eight monitors using a DP to HDMI converter. Because only 4 of 8 screens are displayed and detected on the device manager. These monitors are connected on 1stGPU. People on the 2nd GPU are not visible. My driver is version 440.44 and I am using 6.10finall centos so far.
My screen resolution is 1920 * 1024 with a 60hz refresh rate.
Please help me reactivate the 2nd GPU