NVS810 Display Issues on 2nd GPU

I’m looking for some help in resolving a problem we have with system that is using an NVS810 graphics card.

We have an NVS810 in an i7 running PC that is used for displaying a simple video across 6 projectors that are edge blended using the NVidia Mosaic part of their software.

Every 24-48hrs the projectors on the 2nd GPU will stop outputting any image at all. The PC has to be rebooted anywhere between 1 and 5 times to get them displaying again.

We have spent many hours rebuilding the PC, installing latest drivers from Nvidia, updating the PC etc, but still the problem persists. Can anyone advise if this is a known bug, or if there is a resolution?

I’ve seen the odd post about possibly needing a larger power supply in the PC or there being a permissions issue on an Nvidia folder, but nothing concrete. We are nearly at the point of abandoning this project using this card, but I find it hard to believe there isn’t a fix.

Thanks in advance!