Mosaic technology within VM

Dear communauts,

I am currently deploying a VDI environment.
The VMs have to be reconfigurable:
They are deploied as much as 4 per host -> one Quadro P4000 each, one 4th of the total RAM and one 4th of CPU cores.
The high performance setup is instead a single VM with 4 Quadros P4000 and all the other available resources.
Mid configurations (2 P4000 and 1/2 CPU, 1/2 RAM) should be supported.

I am using 4 identical displays, connected each to a DP output of one of the 4 Quadros (same port ID for each).
I am trying to configure Mosaic, in order to combine the 4 displays in one big display when the high performance configuration is booted.

I cannot configure the Mosaic, despite I am able to do that on a physical machine booted on exactly the same hardware.

My question is: is Nvidia Mosaic even supported within VMs?
I know synch won’t be available, but Mosaic is not listed anywhere as unsupported.

Cheers and thanks

Hi gfronze,

Mosaic is not supported within VMs.

Ryan Park

Hey lightcrimsonb1,

Not clear what your question is. What GPU are you using.