Quadro RTX4000 mosaic setting cant apply

Hi all, I am new to quadro, I just bought a Quadro RTX4000.
For the first type I trying mosaic with two output with total resolution of 7680x1080, it does work.
After restart my computer, when I setting the mosaic again, it stuck at step 3, which when u apply the setting, the screen blink and nothing happen, finish button also didnt come out.
I tried reinstall software hardware, nothing happen.

And I cant open the mosaic utility driver. Maybe I dunno how to open it.

Anyone can help thank you.

Hi baby_gky90

Thanks for the note. Is MOSAIC losing its setting between reboots?

Some questions:

  • What OS and NVIDIA driver are you testing with.
    -How are you connecting to your displays? - i.e. direct DisplayPort cable or using a dongle to HDMI.
    -What displays are you connecting to?

The mosaic utility is a command line - so you run it in the CMD.exe shell with admin rights.
When you open the shell cd to the directory where you downloaded the utility and type the following:

configuremosaic.exe set rows=1 cols=2


Thanks for replying my message, I am using windows 10 and latest rtx4000 driver (7/1/2020) from nvidia official website, and I am using display port cable.
Every work fine, output signal also good but when I setting mosaic and when it reach the step 3 of mosaic setting, after I click the apply button, the screen blink and nothing happen.

Did you test with the above command? You can download it from here: Mosaic Utility Driver (nvidia.com)