Quadro K1200 problem using Mosaic

Hi there,

not sure where to post this topic and I hope I can have some help.
I have a quadro k1200 where I used to connect two projectors plus I had an external monitor vga connected to the motherboard. Everything was working fine, yesterday I was trying to setup mosaic and at the end of the process mosaic did not work and the extarnal monitor vga wont get signal anymore. I have windows 10 64bit and I have tried to cancel the nvidia drivers but I cannot get the external vga connected to the motherboard to get signal when the projectors are connected. I am not sure how to solve this problem and I cannot format my pc as I am working on it.

When I try to setup mosaic with to projectors one of them switches off and I have to reboot the pc. Th evga omnitor however stills dont work