quadro driver : Mosaïc + VGA

Hi !

We have troubles to make our Quadro 6000 work using the last driver 341.21 with Mosaïc and VGA. Our setup is the following :

2x quadro 6000 
G-Sync II 

2 videoprojectors are plugged on the 2 VGA ports

We have to do mosaïc mode to generate stereo sequential video signal on both VGA outputs but it seems the last drivers do not let us have such configuration : no way to create the mosaïc mode (and computer crashes sometimes while asking for).

We have found an old driver (310.90) which enables us to activate Mosaïc with VGA outputs but it seems FBO extensions are not optimized and this induces low performances (3 fps vs 60 on new drivers).

We cannot plug our videoprojectors through display ports since they do not support 120Hz stereo with these outputs.

Can someone help us ? Does it exist a driver (>310.90) which enables to do VGA Mosaïc mode and support FBO extensions without lowering performances ?

Thanks in advance,


Which OS version and bitness?